About Me

I am a student of life, an insouciant writer, an avid reader, a self-proclaimed and highly pretentious food connoisseur, a beauty and skin care zealot, and an all around creative being – finessing every would-be run on sentence into a (somewhat) grammatically acceptable one. I am the founder and creative director of #LOTUSxGANG– a purpose driven collective that drives visual studies of life through the eyes of an immigrants daughter and works closely with womxn’s shelters and food banks in the GTA. I am also the Editorial Assistant and Digital Media Curator of #HERCollective– an online multimedia platform for womxn, by womxn.

Strapped with an honors degree in Professional Communications & Marketing, I also have over 8 years of relevant work experience. I am especially fluent and passionate about social media– I can see life through a 1:1 camera lens, and I am able to express my thoughts in 140 characters or less. Through my work and personal platforms, I have been able to successfully optimize everything for digital engagement and can bring things from offline to life online and vice versa (URL → IRL, IRL→ URL). With social media, collaborations, and written, visual and audio based work at the crux of my artistic and professional output, both the medium and the message are essential components of what I do.

Aathma, for a lack of better words in the English vocabulary, means ‘the essence of a being’. This part of us is undying and encompasses our energy. I do my very best to ensure that all of my output is a reflection of who I am. Deep, genuine and meaningful connections are all I strive for. Good food, good music, a good setting and good vibes make for great conversation; a conversation that is capable of moving the mountains of our minds and spirits. And so, I created this platform for myself to be able to capture and share anything and everything that catches my attention and keeps it.

Love & light,



Bhagavad Gita, As It Is- 2: 17
avināśi tu tad viddhi
yena sarvam idaḿ tatam
vināśam avyayasyāsya
na kaścit kartum arhati
That which pervades the entire body you should know to be indestructible.
No one is able to destroy that imperishable soul.