Samosas & Mimosas

Let’s chat about life over some samosas & mimosas.

Samosas & Mimosas

July 14, 2016 – 1:46 pm EST.

I catch myself in the act of downplaying and simplifying what I want to do or say, often in the name of accessibility for my readers, but truly because I fear coming off as pretentious. And, this happens far too often. I was reading through my previous work, and though […]

Samosas & Mimosas

Teacups & Saucers

I don’t want to be presumptuous and assume that all of my readers have been to an amusement park of any kind at some point in their lives or the other. However, I’m going to have to make that assumption with this post. You know that teacup ride? The one […]

Samosas & Mimosas

New Year, Better Version of Me.

I was speaking to my girl Elaisha the other evening, and we really got to talking about 2016 and our plans to essentially become official leaders of the good vibe tribe, haha (no but actually though…). Being a week into the New Year, I had a few thoughts I just […]

Samosas & Mimosas

all is fair in love & war…

Broken hearts are unfortunately collateral damage in this thing we call love.  It’s been well over a year now that my ex boyfriend and I have been broken up. I feel like there is this idea that I hate him amongst my friends and our mutual friends and/or acquaintances. I […]

Samosas & Mimosas

My Miscarriage Story

Miscarriages, with no doubt, can be one of the most painful experiences that a woman can be burdened with. I say woman because I am not here to speak for men. I suppose I’m not even here to speak for those that identify as women either. I am here to […]