Sunday Brunch at The Commodore Bar on Queen West

Today, my good friend Brittney took me out for brunch at The Commodore Bar on Queen West, because she loves me very much. Sundays are usually my days to sleep in, do nothing, maybe paint, maybe answer my phone. Ultimately, it’s my day to decompress and focus on myself and my all-around well being. Having a lovely human like Britt get me out of bed and take me to brunch honestly made my day and I’m walking into the new week feeling a lot more inspired and joyful. We talked ideas, creative outlets and everything in between. Check her out as she’ll be rolling out some incredible stuff soon! At the end of our brunch, we both were synchronized in our bewilderment at how amazing this place is and can easily say that we had some of the best brunch eats in the city. To the kitchen staff at The Commodore, y’all lit.


Brittney had the Reuben Eggs Benedict which featured a Russian style hollandaise, smoked pastrami, sauerkraut, gruyere cheese, and poached eggs on English muffins. At first glance, we thought it may be salty as it features pastrami alongside the other toppings. However, we were pleasantly surprised. It had a citrusy note to it which I am assuming is coming from the smoked pastrami. The hollandaise sauce was rich and delightful. And the eggs, oh the eggs, they were perfectly poached.

Eggs Benedict - The Commodore
Image via @BrittStafl

I went with the Truffled Scrambled Eggs & Prosciutto which was served on a buttery housemade crumpet alongside some crème fraîche. The eggs were perfectly scrambled, moist and flavourful. The prosciutto was thinly sliced enough that it just about melted in my mouth. The crumpet wasn’t one to be downplayed in its decadent flavour. It was incredibly filling and satisfied my cravings for a wonderful brunch plate.

Truffled Scrambled Eggs - The Commodore

We also shared a side order of their pancakes which were served with espresso syrup and a creamy tiramisu mousse. Good pancakes are truly an underrated pleasure in life. These were so light and fluffy whilst the espresso syrup deepened the flavour profile of the tiramisu mousse (which was also a heavenly cloud in my mouth). I can honestly say that I now prefer the pancakes at The Commodore over the ones at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. Though they are served very differently, these ones pack a punch that Mildred needs to step up to.

Fluffy Pancakes - The Commodore

The service was fantastic! Our server was so pleasant and kind. We were greeted immediately and sent off with lovely goodbyes. The food was brought out very quickly and everything tasted fresh and fantastic. I would most certainly dine her again for not only brunch but would absolutely LOVE to experience their dinner menu soon. All in all, I think I’ve found my new favourite brunch spot. And that’s a big deal.

Chat soon! Eat well & be merry folks. Good vibes, always.