May Beauty Favourites

My May beauty favourites have been inspired by the stresses of moving and settling in. Ha! But seriously, settling into our new place and changing our lifestyle to make adjusting to our new environment hasn’t proved to be easy. I’m learning something new about myself every day in addition to learning something new about the world around me. Sometimes the universe just keep nudging you (note: remember the MSN messenger nudge? The one that got annoying after 2 nudges? Yeah..), until you learn to take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the process. All this being said, the stress definitely had a massive impact on my skin and my mental health. Throw in the extremely hard water of Toronto and you have what I would like to call an ‘epidermal meltdown’, please remember that you heard that first HERE. Anyway, these products have most definitely earned their place in my beauty favourites for the month of May and I would love to share them with you all.

Brazened Honey Face Mask – LUSH Cosmetics

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I don’t think I ever really give this mask a real chance at impressing me until more recently. This mask is jam packed with goodies for your skin. Fennel, ginger root, parsley and coriander all detox, stimulate and refresh your skin. Sage, rosemary, juniper berry infusion, cardamom and clove bud oils act as intense antiseptic, deep cleansing and balancing agents. Fresh lime juice cleanses and brightens whilst free range eggs, honey and almond oil soothe and moisturize your skin. In addition to this, you actually scrub this mask off thanks to the ground almonds in it. This intense concoction left my skin decongested, brightened and revived whilst minimizing my pores. This is definitely the one to try if you want an intense wake up call, so to speak.

Tea Tree Toner Tab – LUSH Cosmetics


Fill up a bowl with steaming hot water, pop this in, and as it fizzes away you want to steam your face. This particular toner tab is great for toning and healing troubled skin. The baking soda base is a fantastic detoxing agent and the tea tree oil will be incredibly deep cleansing. The aloe vera in this tab is great to soothe, cool and gently cleanse your skin and pores. Using this tab right before applying a mask will have your skin more receptive to the ingredients in the mask and their effects – just steam, pat your face dry and apply a mask of your choice.

Himalayan Salt Soap – Buck Naked Soap Company

7d41ad_1101808a92cd42558045bb8de52a8f84Aside from having a minimal ingredients list with maximum quality, this smells like an herbaceous spa dream. Himalayan salt balances, cleanses, clears, deep cleans and is soothing. I preferred rubbing this bar directly on my skin to get a nice gentle scrub in thanks to the salt granules. I love following up with my Sahajan Ritual Body Oil for the ultimate at home spa experience.

Aloe Vera


Meet Norman, he’s my best friend (so is his brother Spencer). I adore my aloe plants (shout out to Anna for bringing Spencer into my life). When the skin on my face and scalp acts up, I simply grab a piece of aloe, open it up and rub it all over my face and/or scalp. Aloe is so soothing and is a gentle antiseptic ingredient. It also increases the elasticity of skin and hair, aka they become stronger. It is just a massive bonus that it is incredibly toning for your skin and will leave you with a gorgeous, healthy glow.


Restful Sleep Mist – Saje Natural Wellness

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.44.31 PM

Now I’m not sure if many of you would consider this a beauty product, but I most definitely would because of how much it has helped me get to sleep these past few weeks; therefore, positively effecting the health of my skin and mind. The essential oil blend in this mist include “comforting Roman Chamomile, balancing Lavender, soothing Marjoram, and sedating Valerian, which all combine to act as calming agents, signalling the body to slow down and enter the natural sleep cycle”. It’s a major key, truly.


Did you have any beauty favourites this month? Hit me up and let me know so I can give them a try too! Sharing is caring folks.

Until next time, good vibes. Always.