New Moon in Virgo – September 2017

Moon Phase

This month’s new moon in Virgo is the first new moon since the eclipse. It also happens to be the case that there is an occultation in our midst. For more on the occultation, you can click here. I would highly implore you to take a very different approach to this moment than what is described in the title of that post. Often times, shifting our disposition and allowing ourselves to be open enables us to receive thoughts, healing, and guidance in ways that we normally wouldn’t have. Start by having faith in yourself, your bond with the Universe, and whatever omniscient beings you believe in if any at all.

I’m going to make this as user-friendly as possible: the new moon this month has landed in earthy Virgo and will be guiding us through a journey of healing. The Virgo new moon is, in a way, a call to action to bring yourself back to a state of healthy equilibrium. In a nutshell, Virgo energy is about healing and caring for yourself in every facet possible; emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and then some.

Being as introspective as possible will allow us to navigate both our conscious and subconscious thoughts and behaviours. Pay close attention to your mental thought processes, and the state of your mind so that you can play an active role in the healing you need, and therefore, step into your power. Ask yourself what you need, and how you can be there for yourself. Respond to any negative thoughts and in a way, have a conversation with them to empower you to eventually dispell any toxicity through affirmative conversation with yourself.

Put yourself first, choose yourself, and make your healing and well-being a priority. Do this gently. Don’t take harsh measures. Healing is not like the P90x program, lol. Chill. See yourself as you are, and take your time all whilst being as attentive as possible. Don’t lash out at yourself, or be judgemental towards yourself or others during this process. Be kind.

If you would like to channel this energy and partake in a ritual of some sort, you can find a simplified version of what I do here. If you would like guidance with an affirmation in relation to your sign, I really liked Chani Nicholas’ Virgo new moon affirmations which can be found here. Wishing you all a grounded new moon in Virgo!


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