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Chitarra Alla Carbonara 3

Trattoria Mercatto – Restaurant Review

If Rylee & I go to the Eaton Center, you know we is going in at Trattoria Mercatto right? Right! Haha. Jokes aside, it’s a great place to just sit down mid/post shopping and just chill out, grab some great food and drink, and chat with your buddies. & did […]

Team Aathma & Skyline Media Films

First Open Mic Night – Aathma

On the evening of Friday November 29th, 2013, we at Aathma reached a milestone in our journey. We hosted our very first open mic night. It was a step out into the Toronto arts scene for us and a wonderful opportunity to create a platform for talented young artists from […]

Breakfast Quiche

Crust-less Breakfast Quiche à la Janu Recipe

Who doesn’t love breakfast? (You’re crazy if you don’t). Here is a super easy to make quiche that I whipped up based off of a basic quiche recipe that I’ve known for quite a bit of time. It’s creamy, savoury and very filling. I actually always pick at the stuffing […]

Guu Izakaya

I’ve been Guu’d ft. Guu Izakaya

So Asian cuisine? Big fan. Authentic Japanese cuisine? I would have said “OH YEAH, IT’S AWESOME!!”, and then you would have told me about the delicacies and dishes and I would have stared at you like a deer in headlights…that is, until I GOT GUU’d! I’ve been to tons of […]

Know Thyself
Samosas & Mimosas

Know Thyself

 I’ve been thinking about writing a book…I thought I’d start with this entry to see how I feel before committing to something like a book. I know I didn’t get into details, but it took a lot of strength for me to put this out onto paper (a word document, […]

Lights & Colour by J.M.W Turner
Samosas & Mimosas

NTS: The Eye of The Storm

Life is comparable to the likes of the weather we experience. Some days are sunny and others bring showers. Some days fall right in the middle of these opposite ends, and some of these days take to the extremes of this spectrum. What I’m really trying to say here is […]