Sunday Dinner Co.

While I toil away enough at my freelance gigs so that I don’t feel like a deer in headlights at the end of the month, I indulge in food as a vehicle to self-care. It gets me through.

When it comes to food, everything matters to me. The detailed study of my ingredients- where they are from, how they are raised and cultivated, and everything in between? It matters. The method to my madness in the kitchen? It matters. The energy of the room and the state that I am in while preparing my meals? It matters. All down to what I am serving my meals on and how they have been plated…everything matters to me.

Every dish I plate is a love letter from myself to both those who enjoy the fruits of my labour, and myself.


We are the only species on the face of this earth that cooks and comes together with our surrounding community, however big or small, over food. I often tell my friends and family that food is at the crux of who we are as humans, and more importantly, who I am as a being. I celebrate with food, I mourn with food, I relax with food, and I heal with food.


I saw a video once of a chef in East Asia that cooks out of her home (her home kitchen is her restaurant which is only open for dinner 5 days a week) and I told a few of my friends about it- that kind of a life would be my dream! My loved ones often tell my partner and I that we should charge for whatever we cook, and normally, we laugh it off. Eventually, my friends planted the seed to what is now The Sunday Dinner Co. I tended to this idea for so long that by the time I executed it, it was a tangible, lush, living piece of my spirit.

My partner and I intend to carefully, intentionally and deliberately curate and execute themed monthly dinners. Sunday dinners are ones for family (given and chosen) and for grounding. It is a meal that brings families and friends together at the end of a long work/school week- where we can debrief, share, receive and be present. In a fast-paced city like Toronto, this is necessary and needed.


Through this platform, we will be working with (& in turn, supporting), local farmers, artisans, and businesses to bring Sunday dinner back to life. With the state of the kitchen industry in mind, anyone with a hand in food preparation and serving will be paid a fair, living wage. What’s better? A portion of the proceeds goes to charitable causes. Every. Single. Month.

The Sunday Dinner Co.’s first dinner was our “October Harvest” dinner with a part of the proceeds going towards buying supplies for a local womxn’s shelter. My favourite memory of this first event was a technical issue turning into a blessing, when our music wouldn’t connect to the space. Bearing witness to the beautiful sounds of genuine interactions filling up the venue made my heart swell with love and light. The event was beautifully and smoothly executed by the grace of the Universe and we sent everyone home with a full belly and an even fuller soul. And for this, I’m grateful.

October Harvest Menu

I am so excited for November’s Sunday Dinner and for all the Sunday Dinners to come. You can follow our journeys on Twitter & Instagram, along with a website to follow. I look forward to seeing some of you at our future events.



I would like to thank Nicole Simmons for doing an Instagram takeover on the night of our event and thank her again for the provided images.